Laura Ieraci

Laura Ieraci

Ieraci is a Montreal writer currently studying in Rome and working at Vatican Radio.

A small team of Catholic journalists, most of them members of the Catholic Media Association, have launched a 12-week course aimed at raising up new journalists for the Catholic press.

Sitting at his desk in his cozy home office in Chicago, eminent Catholic theologian Bernard McGinn describes his most recent book project over a Zoom call, his warm personality emanating through the computer screen.

VATICAN CITY - Canada’s newest cardinal has pledged to not let his new position take away from what he does best: being a servant of his people.

ROME - A friend of mine settled in for an interview with a British national broadcaster after the election of Pope Francis. She had been asked to join an American Jesuit to discuss the implications of the March 13 election.

Before going on air, the inter­viewer received a phone call from his producer in London, who was unhappy with recent interviews. “There’s too much good news,” the producer said...