Catholic Register Editorial

Catholic Register Editorial

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A venerable guide for gracious living in all walks of life is the reminder that the graveyards of the world are filled with irreplaceable people.

Flaws will be found, objections raised, and nits picked with the Sacred Covenant made between Catholic and Indigenous leaders regarding the Indian Residential School in Kamloops, B.C.

The appalling contemporary throwback known by its cutesy euphemism “medical aid in dying” (MAiD) is now making its death fingered presence felt in the nation’s jail houses.

Canada’s Catholic bishops deserve full credit for sticking with their commitment to, as Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith has framed it, walk the whole long path of Indigenous reconciliation.

Concluding his letter to the Catholic faithful on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during June, Archbishop Francis Leo offers vital watchwords for the current moment and mood. 

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl winning field goal kicker has been perma-labelled  “him with his foot in his mouth” for his recent commencement address to a Catholic college.

When even the Trudeau government just says ‘no’ to drug decriminalization, it’s clear the push to flood addicts’ bodies and urban life with stupefying  toxins has gone too far.

Worried about climate change? Hold onto your hat for demographic winter.

It might have been appropriate to raise the white flag of Ugly Ville over the April 23 meeting of the Toronto Catholic District School Board. 

As duffers and pro prospects alike tune their golf games for another season of lightning strike joy and thunder cloud frustration, the world’s number one player models three words of sage advice: Say your prayers.