Catholic Register Editorial

Catholic Register Editorial

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Justin Trudeau spoke with clarity and prime ministerial authority to shocking recent violence in Montreal and to the swelling tide of anti-Semitism across Canada whipped up by the Hamas barbarism of Oct. 7.

The Toronto Star, which often seems to have sold its soul to the progressive deity Unthink, conveyed genuine wisdom in its coverage of demonstrations that snarled the city centre on Nov. 4

The federal government’s ideological assault on the integrity and traditions of the Canadian Armed Forces chaplaincy is a matter for democratic resolution either by approval (boo! boo!) or, preferably, overturning. 

Who knew that one day Canada’s Catholic bishops would share a common language problem with the big machers of Hollywood. Yet it appears neither group can collectively find its tongue to condemn Hamas unilaterally for its Oct. 7 butchery in Israel.

Not even the horrifying violence spiralling beyond imagining in the Holy Land should blind us to Hamas’ ultimate responsibility for the carnage resulting for its Oct. 7 slaughter of Israeli innocents.

We applaud and magnify the sombre yet vital words the good people of Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto issued in the aftermath of last weekend’s heart-wrenching atrocities in the Holy Land.

October will be a listening time for Catholics worldwide as the Synod on Synodality rolls on in Rome.

After last week’s Canada-wide street protests pitting parental rights advocates against transgender champions, context can be illuminating. Light can be shed, for example, by recalling the way activists and strategists for the gay rights movement employed a brilliantly effective two-tiered tactical approach to gain victory in the pursuit of same-sex marriage a quarter century ago.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is urging left-leaning activists to sharpen their listening skills if they want public support. Pray the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association gets the message.

Elsewhere on this page, the Migrants and Refugee section of the Dicastery for Human Development describes human trafficking as a “gruesome criminal business” and an “evil trade.” Then it adds the word that illuminates in a sentence the reason The Catholic Register spent time, energy and our generous donors’ contributions for this week’s special supplement on human trafficking.