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By the time this scribbling reaches publication online and in print, our long summer journey will be more than half completed.

Bishop Barron: Jurassic Park is no place to fool with Mother Nature


The original Jurassic Park film from 25 years ago rather inventively explored a theme that has been prominent in Western culture from the time of the Romantic reaction to the Enlightenment — namely, the dangers of an aggressive and arrogant rationalism.

Luke Stocking: Church must start piping up on pipelines


For the sake of the planet, the rights of Indigenous peoples and the future, the Catholic Church in Canada spoke out against the pipeline. 

Francis Campbell: Jesus was definitely there through Becky’s journey


Gone prematurely, remembered always.

Rebecca Maureen (Becky) Beaton passed away early one mid-May morning after a gutsy 30-month battle with cancer. Becky was just 36 and I was proud to call her my niece for that seemingly brief period of time.

The question remains: To whom shall you go?


A time to search and a time to give up. 

Bishops’ actions a blow to reconciliation efforts


When we arrived here, we took their land. Then we took their children. In 2018, we’re taking away the hope of sincere reconciliation.

Henry Dormer’s short life left long-lasting impression in London


London Ontario’s only candidate for sainthood, Henry Edward Dormer (1844-66) was a 21-year-old British Army ensign who only lived in London for a grand total of 220 days — the last seven months of his life — but left an indelible impression that still inspires his adopted townspeople a century and a half later. 

A gut feeling about the Good Samaritan


Everyone in the group knew the greatest commandment. Love God, love your neighbour. Simple to say. Hard to do. 

Figure of speech: Restored water tower is an oasis of healing


Thanks to generous donors, St. Mary’s University in Calgary was recently able to complete the restoration of our nearly 100-year-old water tower. Built by the Sisters of Providence in 1921, the tower has stood over the Midnapore site for nearly a century, its fortunes waxing and waning — mostly waning — over time. 

Letters are an escape for man serving life in prison


A year ago, The Catholic Register printed an article of mine about writing to condemned prisoners. 

The unique landscape of my youth fading fast


Passers-by hardly give it a glance. A Kingston place key to my past is about to vanish, forever.