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During a mid-1970s election campaign in Great Britain, William Whitelaw, the Conservative opposition leader, famously accused Harold Wilson, then Labour prime minister, of going round the country stirring up apathy. 

Pope Francis is courageously facing real issues head on


Pope Francis has been in the news following a three-part interview in which he commented on moral issues that have always generated much heat — homosexual relationships, abortion and contraception.

Creation finds fullness in Christ


Francis of Assisi is one of the saints in the Catholic calendar honoured by different religions around the world. And with the election of our new Pope, people everywhere are hearing the name Francis now more than ever.

Finding, and living, the faith in bustling Mombasa


The Kenyan city of Mombasa is an ancient metropolis that bears the marks of its long history as a melting pot of civilizations, religions, cultures, races and nationalities. It is the gateway to East Africa and the coastal city of choice for many tourists from Asia, Europe and North America.

How do you deal with a house divided against itself?


It’s something you never want to hear. You’ve believed and clung to something your entire life, something you stake your very existence on. Then someone suggests it’s all bunk, irrelevant, meaningless.

Time will come for every purpose under heaven


There is a time for everything and a time for every affair under the heavens. The author of Ecclesiastes could well have been writing a script for my summer.

I give thanks and praise for the gift of the Eucharist


Firing Line, the PBS public affairs program hosted by the late William F. Buckley, Jr., not only won an Emmy Award (in 1969) but set a broadcasting record as the longest-running television show: 1,504 episodes over 33 years. The last Firing Line was in 1999.

Porn, children a conversation worth having


Our kids need, and deserve, better protection from adult online content, MP argues

God’s will, on Earth as in heaven


The summer is normally a time for rest and relaxation. But one question that has been coming to me lately is how can Christians find true rest, serenity of heart from fear, when we face human and natural tragedies.

A modern telling of the ‘Little Way’ strikes a chord


The book I’m forcing on everyone this month is The Little Way of Ruthie Leming by Rod Dreher.

Despite our differences, I still prayed for Dr. Morgentaler


About 30 years ago I met the late Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson, a co-founder of the U.S. abortion movement and back then a self-described atheistic Jew.