A Saturday afternoon walk seemed a healthy idea during the social distancing edicts foisted on citizens everywhere to fend off COVID-19 risks.

Gerry Turcotte: The Wiki and wacky world of St. Isidore

By Gerry Turcotte

As I was driving to work this week, I saw a sign outside a neighbourhood church. It read: “Prayer is the original wireless form of communication.”

Cardinal Thomas Collins: Bill C-7 makes slope even more slippery


The federal government has introduced new legislation expanding the eligibility criteria for euthanasia. The inaccurate term, medical assistance in dying (MAiD), is currently used to describe what this law would allow, but the process is more accurately called euthanasia or assisted suicide.

Francis Campbell: Fact and fiction of Lenten fasting

By Francis Campbell

Families lived frugally in the rural Nova Scotia community I called home until early adulthood.

Francis Campbell: A history brewed in faith and fortitude

By Francis Campbell

The old teapot is steeped in history, fortitude and faith. If it could talk, whistle or chatter, what a tale this 200-year-old china cauldron might tell.

Francis Campbell: Doing your best is 2020’s best resolution


The early days of 2020 have already relegated many best intentions and New Year’s resolutions to the try-again-next-year bin.

Francis Campbell: Time to say a prayer for more praying


Prayer books, prayer groups, prayer meetings, prayer beads, prayer mats, common prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, a wing and a prayer.

Deacon Greg Kandra: Making Advent matter requires some patience


Christmas is still weeks away and already we’re exhausted.

Angela Saldanha: Prayers for departed needed all year


Traditionally, November is the time when we especially remember to pray for departed family members, friends and (maybe) enemies. 

Bishop Thomas Dowd: Documentary sets stage for challenging dialogue


The fall meeting of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops brought with it an unexpected invitation. The group SNAP (Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests) organized a viewing in Cornwall of the documentary Prey, a film that sheds light on the predatory actions of Hod Marshall, a now-deceased Basilian priest who was convicted for sexually abusing minors.

Harry McAvoy: Staying in the game one day at a time


The Bride and I recently had a return visit with the doctor who specializes in memory problems. New tests had been done, and we were about to receive the results.