A priest in Windsor, Ont., has been removed from his duties as the Diocese of London investigates  allegations of inappropriate conduct.

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Make reparations

There is a time for mercy and a time for turning over the tables of money exchangers. The time for mercy is over! Now is the time to turn over those proverbial tables.

Our shepherds must stop asking for forgiveness and engage in profound reparation (for sexual abuse victims) in the hope of meriting forgiveness. Only then can the abandoned and abused sheep begin to trust the shepherds.  

And, no, the money must not come from the donations of the faithful but rather from the personal pockets of each predator and enabler, including the pockets of those who kept the secrets.

Dona Tiberio-Smith,

Maple, Ont.

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London Ontario’s only candidate for sainthood, Henry Edward Dormer (1844-66) was a 21-year-old British Army ensign who only lived in London for a grand total of 220 days — the last seven months of his life — but left an indelible impression that still inspires his adopted townspeople a century and a half later. 

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LONDON, Ont. – A Canadian bishop announced that the Diocese of London, Ontario, would protest new requirements for government grants that require organizations to profess the government’s view on topics like abortion rights and gender identity.
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LONDON, Ont. – The reality of a priest shortage is hitting home for the Diocese of London and raising concerns about the future of youth ministry.
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WINDSOR, ONT. - Deborah Kloos believes that healing can come not just through prayer but art.

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WINDSOR, Ont. - Our Lady of Assumption Church has been placed on Canada’s 2015 Top Ten Endangered Places list.

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WINDSOR, Ont. - A $10-million bid to save Windsor’s historic Our Lady of Assumption Church has fallen through.

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LONDON, ONT. - A Polish-born Michaelite Father has been named auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of London.
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WINDSOR, ONT. - Windsor’s historic Our Lady of Assumption Church closed its doors Nov. 3 while the Diocese of London considers a financial rescue package to renovate the church and reopen it again. 

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Two bills under consideration in Ontario that seek to expand protection for migrant workers are “doomed” because they don’t address the real thing these workers need, a means of staying here, says Stan Raper.

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