Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell is an editor at the Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, N.S.

It can be a cruel, cruel world. The stories from Ukraine, at times either heart-breaking or heart-lifting, are testament to that.

Leisurely work-day walks provide a welcome respite from renewed restrictions brought on by the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

It’s coming on Christmas and the Halifax-Yarmouth archdiocese is writing its own inspirational story of Bethlehem.

Give until it hurts. That famous phrase was uttered by Mother Teresa of Calcutta at a national prayer breakfast in Washington 50 years ago.

Plunking down in a pew for Sunday Mass on Thanksgiving weekend brought a good deal of satisfaction and relief.

Then, miraculously, everything returned to normal. Or so it would seem.

We ought to be feeling pretty good about ourselves.

A glimmer of light is now visible at the end of our 15-month-long tunnel of unnatural existence.

In our corner of the country, we fancy ourselves as extremely welcoming and hospitable folk.

Most of us muddle through life oblivious to the symphony of roosters crowing in the background.