Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell is an editor at the Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, N.S.

We ought to be feeling pretty good about ourselves.

A glimmer of light is now visible at the end of our 15-month-long tunnel of unnatural existence.

In our corner of the country, we fancy ourselves as extremely welcoming and hospitable folk.

Most of us muddle through life oblivious to the symphony of roosters crowing in the background. 

Lent is a time for reflection and renewal.

Amid the January inundation of news from south of the border about insurrection, impeachment and inauguration, a significant piece of Nova Scotia legislation took effect with little fanfare.

The doors to our Catholic church swung open again on Sunday morning, weeks after in-person Masses were shut down for the second extended period of the coronavirus pandemic.

Archbishop Anthony Mancini could hardly have envisioned a more atypical adieu to his service with the Halifax-Yarmouth archdiocese.

The times they are a-changin’.

Writing in 1962 about anticipated dramatic changes to family, racial, social, political and sexual dynamics, singer-songwriter Bob Dylan warned the old guard that their existing road was rapidly aging and they’d better get out of the way if they couldn’t lend a hand to those driving world change.

The scourge of Catholic priests sexually abusing innocent children is never far from mind in Nova Scotia.

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