Comment: Learning to listen is key to building bridges

A shooting at a Boston area abortion clinic brought six women together for a talk. Three were pro-life movement leaders and three were high-profile pro-choice activists.

    Comment: Francis opens the door to ‘cafeteria’ Catholics

    To call someone “more Catholic than the Pope” used to be a joking reference to conservative Catholics, but these days there truly are some people who think they are more Catholic than Pope Francis.

      Comment: Our environmental abuse puts us on a road to ruin

      The August and September hurricanes of Harvey, Irma and Jose drowned out two fleeting news items that should keep us awake at night with anguish about how we’re treating our planet.

        Comment: Take nothing for granted, give thanks for all things

        We’re all guilty to some degree, aren’t we? I mean, guilty of taking things for granted.

          Comment: Writings of St. Augustine can lead us to City of God

          One of the sweetest attractions of off-the-grid summertime breaks is the opportunity to push out the parameters of your usual reading routines. This summer I decided it was time to finally immerse myself in the writings of St. Augustine (354-430 AD) and read the two works for which he is best known, Confessions and The City of God.

            Scandals in the Catholic Church: Bad news and good news

            Leaders in the Catholic Church, like leaders in any organization, hate scandals. They wish that they never happen, and when they do, they try to deal with them internally so as not to get a lot of bad publicity.

              Comment: Thank you, Steve Bannon

              Nothing unites the bishops more than being attacked from the outside. And if there was ever any doubt about the bishops’ campaign for immigration reform, Steve Bannon’s recent attack will encourage the bishops to double down.

                Comment: Who are we to judge the ‘quality of life’?

                The tragic case of a 77-year-old woman, known only as AB, who had been wracked with intolerable pain for more than three decades, was resolved in August through doctor-induced death.

                Or was it?

                  Comment: Making sense of God ... the heartbreaker

                  “Hey! Hey! Hey! Listen Up! Listen Up!”

                    Comment: Something good can come from nothing

                    Making something out of nothing. When somebody pulls that off, it tends to evoke wonder and admiration.

                      Comment: Bride’s best laid plans melt in Pope’s hand

                      Rome in June is notoriously hot. But Rome in June wearing a wedding veil is even hotter.