Ask God for help with worldly worries

Sometimes, sleep doesn’t come easy. Dreams are pushed aside by worry and fretting. Counting sheep gives way to counting out real-life scenarios and possibilities late into the night. 

    Prayer integral in our schools, but there’s more that can be done

    Part of the mandate of Catholic schools is to ensure that students develop an appreciation and understanding of the role of prayer. 

      A voice for justice impossible to silence

      OTTAWA - When I was a teen, Bob Carty asked me if I could drive his standard-transmission blue Corolla. “It’s a long way to Mexico,” he said, “and we’ll have to drive hard to get there as fast as the others going down by bus.” 

        The end of Western civilization is upon us

        How vividly I can still hear them — as though it were recently — the raucous cries resounding across university campuses in the 1960s and early ’70s: “Hey ho, hey ho, Western civ has got to go.” 

          We owe our children a better discussion

          This month 673,000 students were registered to attend English and French Catholic schools in Ontario. Their registration is a choice made by parents who value and acknowledge the importance of Catholic education for their children. 

            Parents are addicted to micro-managing

            Early September found our family sitting in front of a university, again. 

              Could this be the end of Catholic education in Canada?

              If Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell did not actually coin the term “tipping point” he popularized it in his book of that title. 

                Thou shalt not steal Church music

                When I started my work in church music in 1976 in small-town Alberta, it really was the Wild West. We photocopied music and made Duo-Tang hymnals with words-only versions of copyrighted materials. We didn’t ask anyone for permission. 

                  Faith and hope can help renew our relationship with God

                  The sawed-off four-metre wooden crucifix was carefully lowered to the ground at the entrance to the cemetery. 

                    Help restore dignity to South Sudan

                    The people of South Sudan need to know they are not forgotten. 

                      The misguided ‘mercy’ of euthanasia

                      The mainstream media has caused great confusion about the topic of euthanasia and has been extremely deceptive in its portrayal of human suffering and compassion.