In our churches, Jesus takes precedence

It’s sad to think of a church in ruins.

Land and Sea, the entertaining CBC television documentary show that chronicles the joys and struggles of Atlantic Canadians, recently had an interesting feature on churches in the region that have fallen into disrepair.

    A pre-Lenten journey shows just how blessed my life is

    Like most Canadians, the thought of travelling to the Caribbean during the dead cold of winter has always had magical appeal. That appeal has been reinforced by two teenagers who have done a pretty good job over the years of reminding me that almost “everyone we know” had taken one of those all-inclusive trips to the sun.

      Basilica hits the spot for Lenten renewal

      Cradle Catholics sometimes miss the wonder of the universality of their Church: universality in two senses — the “here comes everybody” that overpowers the new convert, and the geographic universality of the Church being everywhere in the world so no one is ever without a home.

        Child-like faith makes it crystal clear

        So many questions, so few answers. That’s often where we find ourselves as Catholics and as people.

          The what, how and why of Catholic education

          Have you ever noticed that the lineup for Apple products always seems to be the longest in the mall? Certain products have a strong brand loyalty. It is similar with Catholic education.

            The question about Pope Francis

            Just about my least favourite question (unfortunately, often posed these days) is: “What do you think of the new Pope?”

              Hospitality of the heart brings God closer

              They’ll know we are Christians by our love.

                Catholic schools are winners in the education game

                Next to hockey, education seems to dominate the Canadian media. And just like hockey, education is reported as a sport. Winners and losers, weaknesses and strengths, who should stay, who should be traded, who’s not contributing to the team, who’s first and who’s last.

                  The media as a vast enterprise of neighbourliness

                  “You just want to sell newspapers!” is one of the most interesting insults that every reporter and editor hears at some point. There aren’t many professions liable to quite that sort of calumny.

                    Faith’s message is too often lost

                    It was the night before Christmas and all through the church, many creatures were stirring . . . especially the restless children.

                      We can only grow through embracing our own fragility

                      There is a deep vulnerability at the heart of education. Sometimes it looks like this:

                      A mother sits across from me sobbing, her shoulders heaving up and down as she surrenders to the anguish that she carries for her child. I move out from behind the barrier of my desk and sit beside her, offering a tissue.