Sinéad O’Connor was failed by the Church

In October 1996 I found myself in a seminar group with Sinéad O’Connor. My name then was O’Neill and the alphabet had lumped us together long before any other identity group had a chance to.  

Criminal inquiry needed into botched abortions

Do the letters BBAABA and the number 1,500 mean anything to you? Most likely not. But it’s my hope that they will stick in your mind. Unsettle you. Inspire you to think deeply, share your thoughts about them, take action if you can.  And pray.

Canada needs 12 steps back from ‘Affirmative Action’

In Civilization – The West and the Rest, historian Niall Ferguson asks why, from about AD 1500, the West was able to rise from being a backwater of illiterate, unhygienic bumpkins to become the greatest civilization the world had ever seen.