May 5, 2013 issue

  • May 2, 2013

Exclusive articles, video, audio and photo galleries in the Catholic Register: Digital Edition for our May 5th, 2013 issue:



Canada: Support of abortion, euthanasia arise out of the ‘illusions’ of compassion: Collins
- Two videos from Cardinal Thomas Collins' speech

YSN: Singer funds his way to world stage
- Video - Roy Tugbang sings "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Miserables

Arts & Culture: Still life in old bones
- Video

Canada: Catholic Missions the lifeline to Canada's mission territory
- Audio - Interview with Sr. Sheila Fortune

Feature: Celebrating Catholic education in song
- Audio - "Together in Faith" by Nancy Bodsworth - theme song for Catholic Education Week

Feature: Program gives aboriginals another chance to graduate
- Audio - Interview with Ron St. Louis, Northeaster Catholic District School Board superintendent of education

Feature: Improv tickles this team's fancy
- Video - interview with co-captains Bryan Mark and Sandra Merlini

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