May 19, 2013 issue

  • May 16, 2013

Exclusive articles, video, audio and photo galleries in the Catholic Register: Digital Edition for our May 19th, 2013 issue:

Canada: Immigration fueld growth in Toronto's Catholic Church
- Exclusive graphs

Toronto: Dream comes true for Toronto's newest priest
- Exclusive photo gallery

Toronto: O’Connor’s Estate House rises up from the ashes
- Exclusive video

Youth Speak News: Youth flock to adoration with cardinal
- Exclusive photo gallery

Youth Speak News: Youth rally to march for life and against gendercide
- Exclusive photo gallery

Arts & Culture: Salt + Light joins forces with Chinese media to spread the Word
- Photo gallery

March for Life: MP Warawa gets his say in House of Commons
- Photo gallery

Canada: Novena pays homage to the ‘left behind’ side of the Trinity
- Exclusive video of Fr. Luc Amoussou

Canada: Pro-lifer finds ‘healing in the revealing’
- Exclusive interview with Debbie Fisher