Fr. Raymond de Souza was a perfect fit with two of Canada’s best business minds — Mark Carney and Roger Martin — at Convivium’s recent forum in Toronto on restoring trust in our financial system. Photo by Michael Swan

Fr. de Souza exudes faith in the common life

  • May 23, 2013

Convivium magazine’s recent event in the heart of Canada’s financial district counted as an overwhelming success for me for one reason alone.

It was the presence of Convivium’s editor-in-chief, and Catholic Register columnist, Fr. Raymond J. de Souza on the dais with Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney and business school dean Roger Martin discussing the need to restore trust in our financial system.

What made the moment so vital was that de Souza stood as a peer with two of the best minds in Canadian business, before a blue chip crowd of the country’s business leaders. He was not there in a service role as a moderator. He was not there as an indulged guest allowed on stage as part of the organizing committee...

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