Bill-52 should die so that we can all live

  • June 19, 2013

The Parti Quebecois’ so-called Act Respecting End of Life Care, the horrifying Bill-52, is cynicism wrapped in subterfuge blanketed by the blackness of ideological blindness.

Its very name constitutes an odious bait-and-switch, dangling the desirability of improved palliative care to mask the true intention of legalizing medical killing in Canada.

The Bill’s sponsor, junior PQ minister Véronique Hivon, has pursued that grisly goal with smiling ferocity for three years, refusing to be checked by opposition from top doctors in Quebec. More than 500 physicians were behind a major media blitz this spring to convey the message that killing is not medical care. They also drafted a manifesto condemning any attempt to turn hospital wards, and particularly palliative care wards, into abattoirs of euthanasia and assisted suicide...

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