Car tells us much about the priest

  • August 22, 2013

Pope Francis’ homilies and talks have been very well received for their familiar examples and their straightforward practical applications. Over the summer he has spoken in a profound and challenging way on many occasions, whether addressing the young people in Rio or speaking to bishops. Yet one of his most practical — and well noticed — bits of advice was an aside in a talk he gave to seminarians and religious novices on July 6 in Rome.

“Some will say: joy is born from possessions, so they go in quest of the latest model of the smartphone, the fastest scooter, the showy car,” the Holy Father said. “I tell you, it truly grieves me to see a priest or a sister with the latest model car: but this can’t be! It can’t be. You think: ‘so do we now have to go by bicycle, Father?’ Bicycles are good! Mons. Alfred rides a bicycle. He goes by bike. I think that cars are necessary because there is so much work to be done, and also in order to get about... but choose a more humble car! And if you like the beautiful one, only think of all the children who are dying of hunger. That’s all! Joy is not born from, does not come from things we possess!”

It struck a chord, and not just because everyone has a childhood memory of his mother telling him at one point or another not to waste food because there “are children dying of hunger.”

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