You will never know what tomorrow may bring

  • September 12, 2013

The other day I had a “Count Your Blessings” type of day. It was courtesy of two friends; a new friend and a long-time friend.

After a game of golf with Mark, whom I met at my club about a year ago, we headed to the 19th hole for a cold beverage. Though we’ve played a handful of rounds together in various club competitions, we really didn’t know much about the other.

Our discussion started by comparing our long-ago high school experiences; he was a talented hockey player at De La Salle and I was a ping pong player at Neil McNeil. (At the annual sports awards assembly in 1978, Neil McNeil’s football and all-around sports MVP was crowned, and then immediately after the raucous applause for him ended, I was called up to the stage to accept the ping pong trophy. Teenage embarrassment at the time turned into an oft-repeated story over the years. But I digress.)

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