Ezra Levant

Resist being neutered

  • July 11, 2014

Should we be jubilant or alarmed that a Jewish kid from Calgary was the one who stood up for Canada’s Christians against a blatant act of political discrimination? Equal parts both.

Anyone who cares a whit about religious freedom in general, and increasingly overt bigotry toward Christians in particular, should by delighted by the good fight Sun TV host Ezra Levant fought in recent weeks. Levant seized on the story of Nanaimo city council rescinding a contract with a Christian organization before passing a ludicrous (and almost certainly illegal) motion to bar such groups from renting civic property in future. He didn’t just report the story, though. He ignited an e-mail campaign, then led an impromptu protest on the steps of the Vancouver Island community’s city hall. Ultimately, embarrassed councillors backed down and undid their misdeeds.

It’s an understatement to acknowledge that Levant’s tactics and showmanship are not to everyone’s tastes. But in this case, as in others, he got results by shining the lights of his TV show on an issue the mainstream media ignored. He saw the deeper implications.

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