Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell is an editor at the Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, N.S.

The early days of 2020 have already relegated many best intentions and New Year’s resolutions to the try-again-next-year bin.

Prayer books, prayer groups, prayer meetings, prayer beads, prayer mats, common prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, a wing and a prayer.

To characterize our adult son as a film fanatic might fall short of the mark.

HALIFAX -- The town of Antigonish and its majestic St. Ninian’s Cathedral has long cast a significant shadow over much of northeastern Nova Scotia.

Sleeping late on a Sunday morning a few weeks back, I decided to substitute the 9 a.m. Mass at the church just down the road in our home parish for an 11:30 Mass in a nearby parish.

Canadians ought to reflect on the summer of 75 years ago with an equal measure of pride and sadness.

Fake news. The term is bandied about almost daily and has quickly grown tired and annoying.

It sometimes seems that you are playing for the losing team.

Remember the good old days.

Christmas packages come in all sorts, shapes and sizes.