Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell

Francis Campbell is an editor at the Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, N.S.

Fake news. The term is bandied about almost daily and has quickly grown tired and annoying.

It sometimes seems that you are playing for the losing team.

Remember the good old days.

Christmas packages come in all sorts, shapes and sizes.

It’s difficult to equate dynamic evangelization with the reality of shrinking numbers of parishes, priests, parishioners and active churches. But evangelization is exactly what the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth hopes to achieve through a strategy called New Parishes: Stronger Together.

Nobody goes there anymore … it’s too crowded.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. That old newsroom jest has been bandied about for years, especially when questioning a dubious article in a rival publication.

Groundhog Day is a 1993 movie featuring actor Bill Murray as a cynical television weatherman forced to live the same day over and over again.

By the time this scribbling reaches publication online and in print, our long summer journey will be more than half completed.

The Lord God called to the man and said, “Where are you?”