Francis Campbell: The wait continues for return to pews

Another day, another clean slate for Nova Scotia in its coronavirus struggle. No additional deaths attributed to COVID-19, no new cases.

    Fr. James Mallon: Now is time to seize the moment

    “Even the priest and the prophet forage in a land they know not.” This is the New American Bible translation of Jeremiah 14:18, a line of Scripture that will be familiar to anyone in North America who prays the Liturgy of the Hours

      Cathy Majtenyi: Battling racism starts with looking in mirror

      The horrifying death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer has sparked protests against police brutality and racism in the United States and worldwide.

        Glen Argan: Admission of systemic racism only a start

        It’s astonishing that, amidst massive protests across the United States against police racism, RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki had to sort through various definitions of systemic racism to determine whether it was endemic to Canada’s national police force. At first, she claimed the RCMP was free of systemic racism before doing an about-face and admitting that racism is indeed entrenched in the Mounties.

          Readers Speak Out: June 21, 2020

          Lower class

          While being allowed to visit numerous vital places but not being allowed to come to the Catholic Church, the soul’s place, I have felt like a Canadian of lower class.

          Editorial: It’s safety first

          As Canadian churches continue to re-open, it would be wise to heed advice Pope Francis offered to Catholics everywhere.

            Bob Brehl: Is politics hurting cause of social justice?

            The other day at a neighbourhood “social distancing” soiree, while discussing the protest movement following the brutal killing of George Floyd by a bad cop in Minneapolis, I got lectured by a white women in her early 60s.

              Peter Stockland: PM taking a knee strikes hollow note

              It’s hard to reconcile continued restrictions on kneeling in church and last week’s images of Prime Minister Trudeau kneeling on Parliament Hill to protest racism in Canada.

                Gerry Turcotte: Scratching the surface of cat psychology

                I have been plagued by cats almost my entire adult life. (OK, maybe I like them just a little.) Dogs, I feel I understand. They’re reasonably straightforward. You know when they’re happy, when they’re guilty of chewing your favourite shoe and when they’re sulking.

                  Leah Perrault: A time to practise honesty and kindness

                  Honest is hard. There is nothing like a season of physical distancing to remind me of that truth.

                    Charles Lewis: Conversion therapy bill on a risky path

                    In the midst of the COVID-19 virus it is easy to forget what other dangers lurk in our society. We must remember that our government has been involved in a great and destructive program of social engineering — and it is about to get far worse.