Luke Stocking: How can we put synodality into action?

“When something grows, it gets bigger, but when it develops, it gets different.” These are the words of ecological economist Herman Daly.

Leah Perrault: Holding tension with the God who waits

Holding, as an attribute of God, sort of fell out of the sky for me this month. I was looking out the window with wonder at just how many stars we can see without leaving the city in this new-to-us, small(er) city we now call home. As I juggle all the new things, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before. The Creator of the Universe is holding time and space in an eternal trajectory.

  • By Leah Perrault

Readers Speak Out: May 23, 2021

Land rights

Re: As Israeli-Palestinian violence escalates, Christian leaders voice concern (May 16):

Editorial: Stewards of creation

As the story goes, St. Walstan, the patron saint of farmers and farm animals, was foretold of his death in a vision three days before it happened on May 30, 1016. Being a humble, pious man known for his charity, the English farmhand went to confession, then gave final instructions for his burial.

Charles Lewis: There comes a time when the clock won’t be our master

I read somewhere years ago that one of the great sources of human anxiety is time. Time is too slow or too fast or there is not enough of it. We live on schedules and deadlines that seem to push us harder than we would like or is even healthy.

  • By Charles Lewis

Bishop Robert Barron: Should suffering shake our faith?

Premier Christian Radio in the UK just sponsored a survey that investigated how the COVID crisis has affected religious beliefs and attitudes. There were three major findings — namely, that 67 per cent of those who characterize themselves as “religious” found their belief in God challenged, that almost a quarter said the pandemic made them more fearful of death, and that around a third of those surveyed said that their prayer life had been affected by the crisis.

  • By Bishop Robert Barron

Glen Argan: A thriving world starts with path of truth

Despite plenty of reasons to believe otherwise, Christianity remains the greatest force in the global push for human equality, human rights and the dignity of the human person.

  • By Glen Argan

Sr. Helena Burns: Faith can deal with today’s ‘revolutions’

I recently gave a virtual commencement speech at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College in Barry’s Bay, Ont. Incidentally, OLSW (as it shall henceforth be abbreviated) is one of only two Canadian Catholic colleges or universities on the prestigious Newman Guide of the Cardinal Newman Society.

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

Gerry Turcotte: Waiting in the lobby

 It has become commonplace to speak of our current reality as “a time like no other.”

  • By Gerry Turcotte

Editorial: A conscience solution

Canada has been riding the fast track on assisted suicide for almost five years, yet it still hasn’t put in place effective protection for health care providers who do not want to play any part in ending a life this way. It’s called conscience rights and it is one of the freedoms specifically mentioned in Canada’s Charter.

Peter Stockland: Long ago debate an echo for today

Unfurling Bernadette Devlin, Quebec’s Catholic bishops, Irish nuns and William F. Buckley Jr. in the same thought, never mind one sentence, might be considered psychologically, even rhetorically, impossible. Well, there it is. Impossibility vanquished. 

  • By Peter Stockland