Refuse to be silenced

Quebec’s Catholic bishops deserve heartfelt commendation for their courage and conviction though the gesture demonstrating it was doomed  to be ignored  before they even made it.

Pride goeth

We want to commend John Killacky for his letter in the June 11 edition of The Catholic Register “Failing the Faith.” I am certain he echoes the words of many Catholics who are striving to live our faith and transmit it to others.

Editorial: Cheers and jeers for PM

Prime Minister Trudeau merits mixed reviews for his multi-role performance last week as road warrior, marital warrior and culture warrior.  The last of these might leave at least some Catholics wondering if it’s past time for him to exit stage left.

Verbatim: Archbishop Leo on June as the month of the Sacred Heart

Toronto Archbishop Francis Leo on why June is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  • June 15, 2023

Clock is ticking to treat Lyme in time

The weather is getting warmer, and that means… tick season. Tick season means… Lyme disease. Lyme disease is extremely “controversial.” People with Lyme are often deemed to be perfectly healthy, are misdiagnosed or dismissed with “it’s all in your head.”