Readers Speak Out: July 4-11, 2021

‘Bowdlerized’ reality

The horrific news of the residential schools grave sites created such an avalanche of rancour against the Catholic Church that factual information was either deliberately ignored or distorted. 

Editorial: We must listen

There will be more … more unmarked graves, more grief, more anger, more shame.

  • By Catholic Register Editorial

Francis Campbell: The sickening legacy of residential schools

We ought to be feeling pretty good about ourselves.

  • By Francis Campbell

Charles Lewis: Imagine a world where every hour counts

I have thought a lot about euthanasia over the years. I have thought about it too much.

  • By Charles Lewis

Luke Stocking: Church’s role goes beyond providing aid

I was recently inspired by Venezuelan goalkeeper Wuilker Faríñez. My jaw dropped as he saved shot after shot in a 0-0 draw against heavily favoured Colombia in the COPA America football tournament, currently being played in Brazil.

  • By Luke Stocking

Glen Argan: Colonial system continues its tragic path

Although the last Indian residential school in Canada closed 25 years ago, new revelations will continue coming to light for many years. The existence of the schools is a national scandal which cannot be wiped from our memories.

  • By Glen Argan

Fr. Raymond de Souza: A reconciliation path of renewed encounter

The shortest night of the year allows only a few hours of darkness in which to set churches on fire. It was time enough for two Catholic churches to be burned to the ground before dawn on June 21, 2021, National Indigenous Peoples Day.

  • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

Readers Speak Out: June 27, 2021

No closure

Re: Lets set record straight on papal apologies (June 16):

Fr. Raymond De Souza correctly reports that Chief Phil Fontaine, a residential school survivor and three- time leader of the Assembly of First Nations, met with Pope Benedict XVI in 2009 and spoke positively about the conciliatory and compassionate words of regret expressed by this pope.

Editorial: CWL: faith in action

A century ago this month, on June 1, 1921, about 400 women from across Canada gathered at Columbus Hall in Toronto for the first national convention of the Catholic Women’s League. The First World War had ended just two and a half years earlier. Arthur Meighen was prime minister, George V was still on the throne and Canada — 8.7-million strong — was a month away from its 54th birthday.

  • By Catholic Register Editorial

Sr. Helena Burns: Searching for meaning of love

Catchy slogans are fun and helpful: shorthand for complex concepts — except when they’re not.

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

Sarah Twomey: Educators play key role in reconciliation

I am a fifth-generation Irish descendent from Southern Ontario, and a third-generation teacher.