Bob Brehl: Grief manifests in a lockdown world

Throughout this pandemic lockdown, everyone must be going through a range of emotions at various times, from fear and anxiety to frustration and lethargy.

    Peter Stockland: In praise of Prine and calls to grace

    Given his bad-boy-again half-smile and love for re-playing clichés as humourous surprises, it’s understandable to hope word of John Prine’s death during Holy Week is a prank of cosmic timing that he okayed with God first.

    • By Peter Stockland

      Gerry Turcotte: The vital art of dance

      In June we celebrate St. Vitus’ Day, a time that honours an unusual saint whose influence was seen throughout Europe generally and in Germany in particular.

      • By Gerry Turcotte

        Charles Lewis: We can’t hide the looming mess of Bill C-7

        In 2006 I was home for about a month recovering from back surgery. It was the first time in my life I was so confined. I was literally staring at all four walls … and what I saw was not pretty.

        • By Charles Lewis

          Readers Speak Out: April 19, 2020

          Long-term pain

          Re: A chance for change in post-virus world (March 29):

          This article hits many truths. Too many people have wanted too much too fast — expensive cars and houses, for example.

          Editorial: A fearful future

          Among the many stories of illness and death wrought by COVID-19 comes the tragic case of Jean Truchon.

            Leah Perrault: Faith within the fault lines of feelings

            Feelings are constantly swirling in my world — in health care and in my home and in my heart. The myriad of messages coming from every direction are little help in sorting through the emotional tremors.

            • By Leah Perrault

              Bob Brehl: Foes work together to flatten the curve

              I have many fond memories of my Uncle Frank from Coshocton, Ohio. He was my dad’s older brother, a lifelong Republican and an elegant man.

              • By Robert Brehl

                Glen Argan: Our mission is clear on the new sabbath

                Joseph of Arimathea saw something that others on the Jewish council did not. In St. Luke’s telling of the story, Joseph was not only a good and righteous man, “he was waiting expectantly for the kingdom of God.”

                • By Glen Argan

                  Cathy Majtenyi: The COVID-19 world has much to teach us

                  The journey to Easter in 2020 has been a journey like no other.

                  • By Cathy Majtenyi

                    Readers Speak Out: April 12, 2020

                    Responding to crisis

                    COVID-19 is a terrible disease that is causing many to become ill and some to die. It is devastating the economies of the world. However, it is in times of crisis that one can truly observe the character of individuals and organizations.