Verbatim: Updates on events in the world of medically delivered death

Excerpt from the blog of Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition updating events in the world of medically delivered death.

  • April 26, 2024

Opening our hearts to God's magical world

the delusions of their magic art lay humbled.

Wisdom of Solomon: 17:7

The words ‘magic’ and ‘magicians’ are mentioned just over 20 times in the Bible and generally describe an act of illusion for purposes of deception rather than entertainment, or an act of sorcery. In our day, however, magic is understood to be a largely joyful piece of foolery, meant to entertain by sleight of hand or some sort of misdirection. Another phrase that I knew of, but largely in a negative context, was the concept of sympathetic magic.

Getting a life by giving up media

How does one parent the media? What do the latest studies say about the influence of media devices on youth? What are the best ages to mete out access to media devices/platforms to young people? What kind of guidance do parents and children alike need? How can young people use media in a healthy way?

Making the Church a voice for infinite dignity of all

The Vatican’s April 8 statement Dignitatis Infinita (Infinite Dignity) provides a welcome examination of the concept of human dignity, distinguishing proper understanding of the term from current misconceptions. The statement also addresses a litany of “some specific and grave violations” of human dignity. On the list are poverty, war, migrants, human trafficking, sexual abuse, violence against women, abortion, surrogacy, euthanasia and assisted suicide, marginalization of people with disabilities, gender theory, sex change and “digital violence.”

Columnist admits he ‘MAiD’ an error

Pundits generally, and perhaps columnists in particular, do not often admit to making mistakes. So, it is a special kind of pundit who can step away from previously professed opinions and admit to getting things wrong.

Hellish cold

It was an overcast sky and I despaired of any sighting when the miracle occurred.

Editorial: Morality should be clear

Among its many aspects, Iran’s outrageous April 13 attack on the sovereign nation of Israel was a trifecta of shadows, schadenfreude, and antisemitism.

Verbatim: Excerpt from a speech by Pierre Poilievre to the Canada Strong and Free conference

Excerpt from a speech by Canada’s Leader of the Official Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, to the Canada Strong and Free conference in Ottawa on April 11, 2024.

  • April 19, 2024

Friendship as the path to sainthood

Have you watched the series The Chosen? If yes, then you like me have been treated to a well-produced and Biblically-faithful, yet embellished account of Our Lord’s earthly ministry. The manner in which Jonathan Roumie portrays Jesus Christ is very human and relatable without diminishing His divine nature, thereby being faithful to the Gospel. Our Lord is shown to delight in beauty. He is joyful, laughs and enjoys a good meal. And He heals and demonstrates the divine insight into people’s lives that only He has.

Hope and resilience rise as Notre Dame reopens

Comment from the editorial board of the Our Sunday Visitor website.

The April 15, 2019, tragedy transcended borders, uniting the world in a shared sense of loss. For the Catholic Church, Notre Dame is, first and foremost, a place of worship. However, the cathedral also stands as a monument to the Church’s indelible and unrivaled contribution to art, architecture and culture. As we mark this somber anniversary, it is also a moment to celebrate the Church’s role in nurturing and preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of the West.

Words to say after Grandpa crosses the last threshold

Since the end of January when I turned 65, I have had a part-time job serving as a sacristan at St. Joseph’s Chapel, at Holy Cross Cemetery, in Toronto.  When I first heard the word “sacristan,” I wasn’t sure what it meant.  I was told it is the person who sets up and serves during Mass. Oh, I said, like an altar boy, something I had done 55 years ago at St. Andrews Parish in Etobicoke.