Editorial: Living up to family obligations

In an opinion column published during Easter weekend, New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan offered a message not just for the ages but for our specific moment of darkness.

A river runs through a writer’s soul

“Eventually all things merge into one, and a river runs through it,” wrote Norman Maclean in his classic novella, “A River Runs Through It.” The river “runs over the rocks of the basement of time…. Under the rocks are the words, and the words are theirs.” This leads to Maclean’s stark confession, “I am haunted by waters.”

Verbatim: An excerpt from Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi Message on Easter Sunday, 2024

An excerpt from Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi Message on Easter Sunday, 2024.

  • April 4, 2024

De-coupling the Church from Fiducia Supplicans

Much has been written in a short time on Fiducia Supplicans issued by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on Dec. 18, 2023. The backlash it has provoked is unprecedented in the post-conciliary Church. I wish to respond here to those who suggest that the faithful ought to absorb its teaching by evoking three perspectives.

Authenticity comes alive in the body of Christ

Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Calgary recently hosted a Theology of the Body Conference at which I spoke. My assigned topic? “Authentic Femininity.” Collectively, we were going to talk more about gender ideology, but Antifa, yes Antifa, was threatening for weeks to shut the whole conference down. Inside a Catholic church. These are the times we’re living in. However, this opposition got us thinking: Why not turn away from addressing the woes of gender confusion and toward positively outlining what authentic masculinity and femininity are? To boot, we got a free police detail who put the protesters on notice that if they went into a house of worship and disrupted the goings on, they would be arrested for hate crimes.

Combining the Social Doctrine of life-giving love

We who celebrate Easter are those who have died and risen with our Lord.

The reality of life-giving sacrificial love is at the core of our 2,000-plus year existence as the community of believers. How we are called to live this existence together has been a matter of reflection from the very beginning. The first fruits of this reflection are famously captured in Acts of the Apostles, “Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned they held in common” (4:32).

Mother misses mark

The movie Mother Cabrini is a beautiful tribute to this strong missionary who, overcoming obstacle after obstacle including her poor health, founded schools and orphanages all over the world.

Editorial: An Easter people will triumph

Yet another media story slides by portending discouragement of the Faith in a political atmosphere that sometimes seems concocted to deny breath to religious belief.

‘Stay for Me’ — the centre of our Church

I alternate my Sunday Mass going equally between a Traditional Latin Mass church in downtown Montreal and a boisterous French-speaking Novus Ordo parish on the West Island.

Verbatim: Letter from Archbishop Francis Leo on the Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary

A letter from Toronto Archbishop Francis Leo on the Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of Our Lord.

  • March 28, 2024

Faith not superstition

Further to Andrew Bennett’s recent article on Fiducia supplicans, here is a quotation from Bishop Gemma of Isernia, Italy on June 29, 1992: