Jesus I trust you

By  David Mora, Catholic Register Special
  • August 3, 2016

Two weeks ago I left my home in Mission, BC, about an hour outside of Vancouver, and embarked on my pilgrimage to Kraków, Poland. There I would meet with two million other Catholics, Pope Francis and Christ Himself in the Eucharist. The prospect of seeing old friends at Kraków Airport and spending the next two weeks with them in a foreign country was enough to get me excited and yet there was something else that was calling me there. I was going to Poland, and I would spend two weeks in hard core prayer mode with the big guy asking Him all the big questions I needed answers to. Yes, I was finally going to get it all figured out. But no. That didn’t happen. Not even close.

It’s been two days since the closing mass with Pope Francis at the end of WYD and as I sit reflecting on the past couple of weeks at 7:00 am in a laundromat in Kraków (because I refuse to “turn them inside out”) the future seems more unknown than when I first arrived in this city of saints. I’m finally 100% sure that I have absolutely no clue as to where God is calling me to go. Not one clue. But the one thing I did learn while in Kraków is that I must trust Him fully. Fully. “Jesus I Trust In You.” Who would've thought that something as simple as those 5 words could encapsulate so much.

After arriving in Kraków our group took a bus to Radomsko, a small town on the outskirts of Chestohova. There we spent the first five days of our pilgrimage in Days in the Diocese before making our way back to Kraków for WYD. It was in Radomsko the second day after our arrival that my heart was shaken to its roots. Ten years of scars, pain, suffering, loneliness, fear, and anger were brought up to the surface in manner of minutes. And the whole purpose of my trip to Kraków was revealed. I needed to heal and above all I needed to trust that everything was going to be ok. Trust in His mercy and love. “Jesus I trust in You.” The next week and a half was then dedicated to healing and trusting. And how could I not find peace in Him while visiting the black Madonna in Chestohova, or receiving the Eucharist next to a relic of a nail from the Holy Cross in a small adoration chapel in Krakow's Cathedral during a private Italian mass (that I snuck into), or singing songs of praise with 20,000 other English speaking pilgrims at the Mercy Centre, or while on my knees at the final vigil and mass while having the biggest sleepover in the world (which included the Pope, yep no bigy)? How could I not trust Him then, and why could I not trust Him right now and right here, in a laundromat in Kraków at way too early in the morning?

I return home in a few days and the most important thing I will take home with me is that trusting in Him means trusting in mercy and trusting in love. Only His mercy and His love can heal the biggest, darkest, most painful scars in our hearts. It is difficult, I'm still working on that, but it is worth it. He won’t let me or you down. We are His and He is ours.

The dryer has stopped now which means it's time for me to get some much needed coffee and then get on with my day. “Jesus I Trust in You.”