WASHINGTON – A new Vatican instruction on the role of consecrated virginity has drawn criticism from an American group, which says that a key paragraph of the document could lead to confusion. At issue is whether entering the Church’s “order of virgins” requires that women actually be virgins.
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I was surprised at how well Wim Wenders summarized the first five years of Pope Francis’  pontificate in his latest documentary, Pope Francis: A Man of His Word. In the end, it truly deepened my admiration for Pope Francis. 

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When Birthright first took root 50 years ago, little did the founders foresee it growing from its little office in Toronto to an organization spanning North America and even making inroads into Africa.

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I have found God inescapable for most of my life. Even when I try to run away, there He is. 

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VATICAN – Pope Francis appointed three women as consultors to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It marks the first time women and laypersons were named as active contributors -- not support staff.
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VATICAN – The Catholic Church in Latin America must recognize and appreciate the role of women and end the practice of using them solely as submissive laborers in the parish, said members of a pontifical commission.
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ROME – Today's women religious belong to "a long line of courageous women" whose faith in God and love for humanity led them to put their lives at risk, said Sister Patricia Murray, an Irish member of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
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Early in the morning, Sely Teruel walks along hilly, cloud-covered mountains and dusty slopes to get to her school in Sánta Barbara, Honduras, during the week. She lives in one of the surrounding villages so the trek to and from school is about an hour each way. 

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Mark Mallett was close to losing his religion when he rediscovered his Catholic faith through music. 

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