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Catholic News Service

SANTIAGO, Chile  – Pope Francis challenged young Chileans, telling them to always ask themselves, "What would Christ do in my place?"

TEMUCO, Chile – Celebrating Mass in a land steeped in indigenous history and culture, Pope Francis said the greatest threat facing humanity is the stifling of differences driven by the idea that some cultures are better than others.

VATICAN – To be effective evangelizers, the Catholic Church and other Christian churches must constantly undergo their own conversion to a stronger commitment to Christian unity, said Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Vatican's chief ecumenist.

DUBLIN – The Cranberries' frontwoman, Dolores O'Riordan, has been described as a woman of soul and courage by the bishop of Limerick, where she honed her musical talent at a Catholic school in the 1980s.

SANTIAGO, Chile – Pope Francis met in private Jan. 16 with survivors of sexual abuse by Chilean clergy, a Vatican spokesman said.
SANTIAGO, Chile – Pope Francis, in his first formal speech in Chile, asked forgiveness from those who were sexually abused by priests.
SANTIAGO, Chile – Pope Francis arrived in Santiago, the first stop on a seven-day, six-city visit to Peru and Chile, where he will take his message of hope to people on the margins of society.
VATICAN – Being afraid and concerned about the impact of migration is not a sin, Pope Francis said, but it is a sin to let those fears lead to a refusal to help people in need.
OXFORD, England – Catholics in Belgium are concerned the country's euthanasia law is being abused to kill patients without legal checks and safeguards.
VATICAN – Prayer is a "high stakes" endeavor, requiring courage, perseverance and patience, Pope Francis said.