Speaking Out

Long before Jesus walked this Earth and died for our sins, the Ancient Greeks ran, threw and wrestled their way to glory in the first iterations of the Olympic Games.

Speaking Out: Human rights begin in the womb


As the economic successes of the Industrial Age gave way to grandiose advancements of the modern technological era, society was presumed to be a great beacon of civilization. Humans see ourselves as formidable and intelligent as we learn more and more.

Speaking Out: Recharge yourself with the Bible

By Quinton Amundson, The Catholic Register

Congratulations on navigating another year of school burdened with COVID-19 adversity. I cannot understate that kids, teens, young adults and mature students alike all deserve to bask in the glow of summer vacation.

Speaking Out: Let’s get real on Indigenous support


Over the past few weeks, social media has exploded with anger, sadness and shock as the bodies of hundreds of Indigenous children have been found buried at several former residential schools across Canada.

Speaking Out: End is near, but stay vigilant


We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Speaking Out: The artist as a truth teller


It’s often said artists suffer for their craft. This pain can take different forms, but predominantly it is mental health struggles that loom large for many creative people.

Speaking Out: Making do with less is good for the soul


Although spirituality is at the core of religion, physical objects are inherent to its history and current functioning. 

Speaking Out: Meeting an Asian superhero


Anti-Asian racism has been among us for far too long. It’s been ramped up in the pandemic, racists blaming Asians for the introduction of COVID-19.

Speaking Out: Always be true to your beliefs


Based on its description, everything about the 1957 film 12 Angry Men seems synonymous with the word “boring.”

Speaking Out: St. Joseph a model for youth


The first day of the month marked St. Joseph the Worker’s feast day, an incredibly relevant devotion for today’s youth. There are many reasons to foster devotion to this model of strong masculinity each year, but especially in 2021, a special year dedicated to St. Joseph declared by Pope Francis on Dec. 8. 

Speaking Out: Give prayer a chance


The recent launch of the Vatican’s global rosary “marathon” during May, targeted at praying for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, comes as Canadians experience despair brought on by a third lockdown spanning the nation.