Speaking Out

As I enter the first week of 2018, I fear that a lot of my New Year’s resolutions, like exercising and not procrastinating on school assignments, will waver.

Speaking out: Small ways to celebrate Christ

This time of transitioning from Advent to Christmas is a time when you can truly evaluate how well you prepare for Christ’s coming.

Speaking out: Why I started my Catholic blog


I go through phases where for a chunk of time I am super productive, and then I crash and watch The Office for the better part of a week.

Speaking out: Harden not your heart this Advent

One of my closest friends, Carrie, has always inspired me by her generosity and kind heart. Everything she does, she does for God. 

Speaking out: Working for the Catholic Church

When I was 18 years old, a fresh high school graduate with loads of ambition and what seemed like direction for my life, I felt an overbearing sense of guilt.

Speaking out: Student council steps out of line

The censorship began Sept. 28. 

Representatives of the University of Ottawa Students for Life were promoting the club at their table in the university’s student centre when an executive from the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) ordered them to leave. The executive said that she had received many complaints. She then added that she would call Protection Services if the students refused. 

Speaking Out: Finding my place in Church

When I was in Grade 4, I used to sit in the front pew at my church and watch my older sister altar serve. I had always looked up to my sister and as I sat there, I realized I wanted to be just like her.

Speaking Out: Beauty in the old fashioned

Plenty of my peers have told me they don’t understand why Catholics can’t just get with the times.

Speaking Out: Debate without the name-calling

A few days ago, I found myself speaking at work about my beliefs regarding artificial contraceptives.

Speaking Out: How to make Halloween holy

When I was a child, my favourite part about Halloween was stopping at the “magnet lady’s house.”

Speaking Out: The many names of God

Never in my life have I seen so many religions under one roof.

The roof in this case belonged to St. Philip Neri Church in Toronto and the event was the Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace at the beginning of October.