Speaking Out

A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail ran an article about the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s ongoing debate on whether or not to include the terms “gender identity, gender expression, marital status and family status” in its Code of Conduct. Prior to that, I had attended a meeting purely out of curiosity at the Catholic Education Centre in Toronto at which this matter was discussed, so I wasn’t surprised to see a secular newspaper pick up on the issue. 

Speaking Out: Inside the teen vaping crisis


The unknown is frightening. I think that is one reason why many people are afraid of the dark. We do not know what is lurking out there. It is not familiar and reassuringly clear like the daylight. 

Speaking Out: VeggieTales -- A new era


Calling all VeggieTales fans! If you have ever wished for more VeggieTales content, then you’re in luck. 

Speaking Out: Finding discernment at Madonna House


It’s easy to seek an answer and to call your search for it “discernment.” It is much harder to allow that search to become an unrelenting desire to accept God’s will in your life.

Speaking Out: The gift that was Sr. Mary Clarence


I often sit in on St. Michael’s Choir School Concerts and Music Ministries listening to the Baroque, Gregorian and Renaissance pieces accompanied by a loud organ, thinking about what kind of people enjoy this type of music.

Speaking Out: Science and faith are compatible


You are sitting at your desk and are presented with a simple, ordinary box. You are curious as to its contents, and decide to open it. 

Speaking Out: YSN encore brings more blessings

By Youth Speak News

My time at The Catholic Register truly ended up being the product of an act of God. 

Speaking Out: Pilgrimage is an expression of faith and culture


This summer has been the most unique and beautiful season I have experienced. My colleague and I lived in Wollaston Lake, Sask., a Dene reserve in northern Saskatchewan, working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and groups, connecting partners to nurture healing, empower youth and foster leadership through the Northern Bridge Community Partnership for the past two months.

Speaking Out: Cross much more than fashion item


Has the symbol of the cross lost its relevance in today’s world?

Speaking Out: Stayed tuned to world around you


When school let out in June, all my teachers could talk about was, “Don’t waste your summer” and “keep up with the world around you.” But the most notable thing I heard on the final day of class came from a friend. “It sucks, but the sucky things in life don’t stop just because we’re out (of school).” 

Speaking Out: Lessons from the Jonas Brothers


I sat down one night and watched the Jonas Brothers documentary entitled Chasing Happiness. I loved every second. My 15-year-old self was thrilled and I was honestly so impressed by how these three young men completely opened up in a way that was new to their audience (i.e. going from Disney Channel to truth-telling drinking games).