Speaking Out

A few weeks ago, I hopped on a Greyhound bus, heading to a friend’s wedding, and as luck had it, landed a seat beside a Jamaican reggae and gospel artist.

As he learned that my knowledge of both his music and culture were limited, but that we shared a common Christian faith, he excitedly began to sing excerpts from songs on his latest CD, snapping his fingers and even clapping to keep the beat — I’m sure to the discomfort of some passengers, to the amusement of others.

The dangers of cohabitation


I have friends who often tell me I’m silly for believing that you can love someone and have a successful life-long relationship without first having lived together.

Understanding Confirmation


Cheers erupted from the Sydney, Australia field as each name was read. Twenty-four Catholics from across Australia and the world were announced one by one as they approached the stage to be Confirmed. Giant screens and loudspeakers broadcasted the venue to the crowd of 400,000 pilgrims at Randwick Racecourse.

Motherhood discrimination


I was reflecting upon the societal value of motherhood at the United Nations during the Convention for Elimination against Discrimination of Women, held in New York in July.

Dealing with credit and debt


Credit risk. Identity theft. Debt consolidation. Credit card fraud. Think you’re too young to worry about these things? Think again.

Living as the body of Christ


I have just returned from the 49th International Eucharistic Congress, having travelled with about 500 other pilgrims from the archdiocese of Toronto. It was a pilgrimage of a life time, and I can simply say that my cup is overflowing.

Finding the middle ground

“You don’t even have your learner’s permit?” Here we go again. Lately I never fail to find one person daily who is shocked by the fact that I don’t have my driver’s licence.

The Eucharist as 'a given'


For 2,000 years, Christians have been called to the table of the Eucharist in memory of Christ’s death and resurrection. There is no doubt that the Eucharist is central to our faith.

Enjoying the gift of reading


The ability to read is generally taken for granted among today’s youth. For many it is seen as a labourious, lengthy, unexciting task that, when rivalled with television, computers and movies, fails magnificently in terms of gratification. To some it is an archaic pastime.

Preparing for WYD pilgrimage


Preparing for my upcoming trip to Sydney, Australia, for World Youth Day (WYD) this July has taken me a long time to plan.

But deciding what to wear during my 15-day trip hasn’t been the issue.

Sharing the faith through song


{mosimage}OTTAWA - Putting his personal and spiritual reflections to music once again, Joe Zambon successfully released his second CD, You Are I Am.