OTTAWA – Notre Dame Cathedral was packed on Nov. 23 for a Pontifical High Mass marking the 50th anniversary of Ottawa’s Traditional Latin Mass community at St. Clement’s Parish.

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The way artist Ken Woo sees the Mass, it’s a “gateway to Heaven.”

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In a vast sanctuary filled with kneeling Catholics, the light catches on a single ivory veil, draped over the head of a young woman in prayer.
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VATICAN – In a message to the Pontifical Academies on Tuesday, Pope Francis praised the study of Latin, especially for young people, and encouraged scholars and teachers to promote its study as a positive guide for students as they navigate life.
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ROME, Italy – Ten years after Benedict XVI broadened access to the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass, the document by which he did so is being hailed as a means of closing the rift of division following liturgical changes made after the Second Vatican Council.

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