Youth Speak News

For Christy Dupuis, Catholic speaker and mother extraordinaire, the Lift Jesus Higher Rally was an opportunity for young people to do just that — go a little higher.

Speaking Out: Confession has no room for fear


“Just as an artist, using his brush as an instrument, paints a beautiful picture, so God through the sacraments draws His own image on the soul of man.”

Friars’ writing contest brings out students’ best

By Catholic Register Staff

For Evelia Raphael, the subject matter of the annual Friars’ Student Writing Contest in The Catholic Register hit real close to home.

Speaking Out: No better classmate than a real saint


As February rolls into March, one of the biggest academic hurdles for high school and university students will be long gone: first semester.

Troubadours raise curtain on their love of theatre


A play featuring gangsters and gamblers doesn’t immediately conjure up many Christian images, but Guys and Dolls isn’t your typical play. 

Speaking Out: Spiritual directors build faithful path


I had always thought that having a spiritual director was for the elite of souls. For those who were practically saints, or those who had lived long, dramatic, faithful lives and were now looking for further advancement in their spiritual journey during their later years.

Street Gospel videos engage wide audience


Reflecting on each week’s Gospel is more than a private experience for Catholic youth in Northern Ontario. It is a public witness. 

Speaking Out: Vulgar language misses the point


It sometimes is interesting as to why God gave humans speech. I recently came across two YouTube videos from Ascension Presents, a Catholic apostolate, which tackles the issue of using obscenities, an area of improvement for myself. Like all of our gifts, we are called to use the virtue of modesty with this one as well. 

Pro-life group looking for ‘passionate’ leaders


CALGARY -- Mount Royal University student Mikayla Bezooyen said she and her fellow MRU Pro-Life Club members relish engaging in sometimes heated conversations with pro-choice students who approach them on campus.

Speaking Out: The smallest things can mean a lot


I volunteer as a catechist at our parish, so believe me when I tell you that teaching elementary aged children is not the easiest, especially when talking about difficult topics like understanding Church teaching. 

Creator has starring role on Catholic college stage


At Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College, theatre is as much about keeping the Creator in the creation as it is about staging an entertaining production.