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{mosimage}HALIFAX - On Jan. 19 more than 300 people came out to the Saint Mary’s University theatre in Halifax for the Steubenville Atlantic High School Conference pre-launch party for a night of praise and worship music, speakers and testimonies.

A common purpose in Jesus


Editor's Note: this is the second place winner of the Friars’ Student Writing Award sponsored by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement and The Catholic Register. Nicole Fernandes is a Grade 11 student at St. Joseph’s Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School in Toronto.

{mosimage}Christian unity is far more than just the unity of Christians in the same belief, doctrine or principle. It is the unity of all Christians under the fellowship of Christ in whom we are all one. I believe that Catholic and Orthodox churches should come together and pray without ceasing because the power of prayer is massive and Jesus asked God to keep us united. I believe that by doing that we can achieve Christian unity and help change the world.

Opening the door to religious diversity


{mosimage}TORONTO - A school visit to three places of worship is not an average field trip, but this is exactly what 50 Canadian Catholic schools have experienced since 2001.

The field trip is offered by the Canadian Centre for Diversity, a privately funded organization that began from a small experimental initiative six years ago. 

Faith and reason equals truth


It is muzzled, ignored and ridiculed by some professors and students of the most esteemed academic institutions of the world. Pitted against secular society and struggling to manifest itself against a backdrop of persecution, truth has become an enemy, and its pursuit, an erupting war on university campuses.

St. Paul urges Christians to 'be at peace'


{mosimage}From the conception of the Catholic Church to the present day, Christians have existed as a proud, yet humble people, full of courage and hope. Thousands died for Christ throughout the ages, be it in battles fought over the Holy Land, or in the merciless and bloody persecutions of tyrants and unjust empires.

Friars' essay contest winners announced


{mosimage}TORONTO - Michael Scaffidi placed first in the sixth annual Friars' Student Writing Award contest for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which runs from Jan. 20 to 27.

Wordly distractions mask our true purpose


Pain. Loss. Injustice. In these situations some common questions we ask are what is the cause of my misery? Why do corrupt people seem to gain the greatest rewards like success and wealth, while practiSing Christian believers appear to suffer? I frequently read the Old Testament, particularly the story of Job, because it holds the answers to these questions. 

Forming good habits


Are you busy? I usually am. Who isn’t these days? We seem to become too busy sometimes. We try to do lots of good, to the point that we forget what’s important. It brings to mind Jesus’ words to Martha about occupying herself with minor things.

Embracing Mary’s maternal tenderness


{mosimage}VANCOUVER - When Celine Leigh consecrated herself to Jesus through Mary two years ago, she found herself part of a union of Roman Catholics who share in the spiritual graces through Mary’s intercession and provision.

Finding faith through action


{mosimage}A celebrated child rights advocate, dynamic speaker and New York Times best-selling author, Craig Kielburger is a testament to the power of youth engagement.

Time to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas


My favourite holiday is Christmas and because I'm Ukrainian Catholic I celebrate it on Jan. 7 instead of Dec. 25.