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The ability to read is generally taken for granted among today’s youth. For many it is seen as a labourious, lengthy, unexciting task that, when rivalled with television, computers and movies, fails magnificently in terms of gratification. To some it is an archaic pastime.

Confirmation gift aids Toronto homeless


{mosimage}TORONTO - When his godmother gave him a gift of $300 for his Confirmation last year, Andrew Chown, 14, had a mission: find a worthy cause and pay it forward.


Preparing for WYD pilgrimage


Preparing for my upcoming trip to Sydney, Australia, for World Youth Day (WYD) this July has taken me a long time to plan.

But deciding what to wear during my 15-day trip hasn’t been the issue.

Teens run for unity, peace


{mosimage}TORONTO - Nearly 60 teenagers in the Toronto region spent part of their weekend promoting peace and unity in the 2008 Run4Unity on May 10.

While the event, run by members of the Focolare Movement, took place around the world,  Toronto youth gathered at St. Jerome’s Catholic Elementary School to participate in games, sports and songs.

Sharing the faith through song


{mosimage}OTTAWA - Putting his personal and spiritual reflections to music once again, Joe Zambon successfully released his second CD, You Are I Am.

Escaping the valley


Are you stuck in a prayer rut and don’t know how to get out? When I was in high school my youth minister said that prayer ruts are the times when one is wandering — or stuck — in a spiritual valley.

Youth March for Life


{mosimage}OTTAWA - For many youth attending their first annual March for Life in Ottawa May 8-9, the experience of solidarity with other pro-life students was overwhelming.

Joining about 7,800 other youth, adults and religious, many teens invented chants such as “They ask us who we are? PRO-LIFE. They want to know what we know? PRO-LIFE,” which they repeated over and over through the streets of downtown Ottawa.

A taste of Africa at OCY banquet


{mosimage}TORONTO - When the theme for this year’s annual Catholic youth banquet was announced a year ago, Abigail Iseyemi, 17, said she started thinking right away about what she would wear. Although born in Canada, Iseyemi appreciates her parent’s Nigerian traditions and was eager to share that with other young Catholics.

Objectivity and being Catholic


One of the first journalism lectures I ever attended emphasized the importance of non-partisanship on the part of the reporter.

High school students reach out to special needs teens


{mosimage}TORONTO - Nicole Alvarez would have never imagined spending her final year of high school initiating a program for students with physical and mental difficulties.

Yet despite the heavy grade 12 workload, Alvarez found herself starting the Best Buddies program at Francis Libermann Catholic Secondary School in Toronto.

Financing missionary work isn't easy


We’re a generation of youth missionaries, taught not only in church but in high school youth groups or campus ministries that it’s important to share your faith with others. I remember clearly the call to “propose” the faith rather than to “impose” it. Yet often, to share that faith we need to deepen that faith, which can involve throwing ourselves headlong into an organized evangelization or mission project. World Youth Days, Catholic youth conferences and mission trips are all increasingly part of the natural culture in our  universal church, which ultimately presents a different kind of faith test: fund-raising.