Youth Speak News

This year, Robert Brown wanted to make Jesus his main priority. 

Speaking Out: Beauty in the old fashioned

Plenty of my peers have told me they don’t understand why Catholics can’t just get with the times.

Radio Maria Canada gives voice to youth in new show

Radio Maria Canada has launched a new show for young people that is expected to live up to its name — Give Me a Voice.

Interfaith student dialogue welcomes Jewish participants

Toronto’s Muslim-Catholic Student/Young Adult Dialogue group has extended its reach to the Jewish faith. 

Speaking Out: Debate without the name-calling

A few days ago, I found myself speaking at work about my beliefs regarding artificial contraceptives.

Speaking Out: How to make Halloween holy

When I was a child, my favourite part about Halloween was stopping at the “magnet lady’s house.”

Young adults gain new perspective on cathedral

Hamilton, Ont. – “We love this place O God, where you are found and all are led,” sang a group of young people as Fr. David Wynen led a tour around Hamilton’s Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King.

Speaking Out: The many names of God

Never in my life have I seen so many religions under one roof.

The roof in this case belonged to St. Philip Neri Church in Toronto and the event was the Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace at the beginning of October.

Visitation Place provides safe haven for young women

Visitation Place was like an answer to all her prayers. 

Last summer, Sarah Muthee was in Kenya, collecting data for a research project and wondering where she would be living when she returned to Canada for her second year of graduate studies at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Speaking Out: Answering my call to serve

I didn’t know what it meant to truly serve others until I became a part of student council.

St. Joseph's College students take part in Red Dress day

A collection of simple red dresses has delivered a powerful message for students at Toronto’s St. Joseph’s College School.