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When people find out that I’ve walked the Camino Portugués across Europe, I am often asked: What made you want to do it? When I take a moment to reflect, I cannot think of anything specific. 

Speaking Out: Making the most of high school


“Take a risk, get involved, be committed!” Four years later and I finally understand the importance of my high school motto. 

Fr. Favin ministered to the best of both worlds


Fresh from his ordination into the priesthood in 2017, Fr. Favin Alemão found himself at the centre of what seemed to be two different worlds: as associate pastor at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica and minister to the Ryerson University Catholic Students Association. 

Speaking Out: The purpose of pilgrimages


This past March Break, I found myself as a pilgrim visiting amazing places like Barcelona, Assisi, Siena and the Vatican. It was part of a school trip that Chaminade College School organized for me and 16 of my fellow classmates and it was an amazing life experience. 

Sharing pints with priests


Madeline Dawson knew she could count on the Jesuits to throw a great party. 

Growing up with a saint


Chela Torres said attending the Mass felt like a dream. 

Speaking Out: My advice to all the first-years


I’m something of an expert at first-year. I’ve been a first-year three times, a second-year twice, a third-year once and now I’m going into my last year at Brock University — unless the Lord has other plans for me. (Please Lord, don’t have other plans for me).

Speaking Out: The Eucharist is my anchor


Last week I came across an article that claimed consecrated hosts were for sale at an online store.

The article claimed that a vendor sells many items for satanic black masses, including “real Catholic hosts consecrated by a priest.”

Youth ministry program takes a fresh approach


Youth ministers have to be a jack-of-all-trades in a parish community. 

They work as a bridge between parishes, schools, parents and priests while empowering youth to be full, active and conscious participants in the parish. 

Youth Speak News Media Retreat Photo Essay

By Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

St. Michael's Cathedral Basilica is more than just a historical monument. For the faithful people of the Archdiocese of Toronto, it is an expression of honour, worship and tradition.

Speaking Out: Beauty in my Viet culture


When I was young, I did not clearly understand why every May, Vietnamese girls would dress in the traditional Vietnamese áo dài, hold bouquets of flowers and dance in front of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary before Masses in May.