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If I were to tell you that dust from the moon could cure the common cold, you might laugh or tell me I was crazy. But what if I said that scientists had tested the healing capabilities of moon dust and found their human subjects showed improvement in a matter of hours? Better yet, what if I showed you the article in a science magazine?

No such article exists, by the way. However, as soon as I placed the word “scientists” in front of my moon dust tale, I don’t doubt that some discerning minds said “I still don’t believe it.” But more often than not, if someone makes a claim in the name of science, we, as a culture, are more apt to give it at least some merit.

Leafy lifestyle, according to Genesis

I often find myself explaining to people why I’m a vegetarian. I used to be pretty defensive about it, but now I realize I only want to educate others.

The drive behind my vegetarianism is certainly not limited to my compassionate and “tree-hugging” nature, though this is one of the reasons I chose to adopt my leafy lifestyle. Health benefits, economic efficiency and conscious consumption are all contributing factors, but people need to understand that my faith plays a role in this too.

Jesus action figure mocks Christians

{mosimage}VICTORIA, B.C. - A Jesus Christ action figure sold at Camosun College’s bookstore is generating mixed reaction among students and members of the Victoria community.

While the bookstore insists its intention is to educate and not to take a religious or political stance, some students say that regardless of intention, the product is inappropriate in a college context.

Peddling to the Pope

{mosimage}Months before thousands of youth landed in Sydney, Australia, for World Youth Day in July, two Canadians were already peddling their way to the Pope.

Frank Callaghan, 20, and Brendan Quigley, 19, from Peterborough, Ont., boarded their bicycles May 17 to begin a 50-day pilgrimage of about 4,300 km from Perth to Sydney.

Students prepare to cast their vote

{mosimage}TORONTO - As the federal election approaches, students cannot help but think about how their input will affect the way our government will run.

Julian Noble, an eager first-time voter and student at the University of Toronto, said it is important for him to know what a politician stands for.

Using the senses to appreciate

{mosimage}Recently in one of my classes, I was forced to use my rusty senses to study and observe the common strawberry. Sounds pretty simple right? However, the catch was that I could not use my “taste” senses until last — pretty hard to do when I was participating on an empty stomach.

I must admit I never truly appreciated a strawberry until that moment. By taking the time to observe my “subject,” as we were required to write about it afterwards, I was able to feel the bumpy texture and the fragility of the strawberry’s “skin.” I was able to imagine the delectable flavour by its smell — something a hundred times better than any strawberry flavoured lip-gloss or perfume.

Introducing our newest YSN team

{mosimage}Youth Speak News (YSN) officially began in the year 2000, with young writers local to the Toronto region. Since then, it has grown to include writers from across Canada — from the Rockies to the Atlantic provinces — bringing our readers news about youth from a youth’s perspective.

“I think young Catholics need to be aware of, supported in dealing with, and educated about the issues that affect our church and our world,” said Jessica Williams, our newest Albertan correspondent in Calgary.

Studying theology has merits

Perhaps one of the most common questions I hear every time I tell someone I study theology is “So WHAT are you going to do with THAT?”

This is surely an all too familiar question asked of fellow English, history and philosophy majors, to name a few. It’s interesting how many people believe the misconception that those who study theology possess no marketable skills for making a contribution to an organization.

Hiring our politicians

Why can’t Canadians, especially new voters like myself, be as passionate for politics as our counterparts to the south?

For weeks now, my spare time has been consumed with watching CNN and other American news sources and I have been fixated on Barack Obama and his  inspirational quest for the United States presidency.

Stewardship on school's curriculum

{mosimage}TORONTO - Grade 12 religion students at Neil McNeil Catholic High School will get a taste of stewardship this year with a curriculum designed to get them outside the classroom.

Instead of sticking to the usual textbook curriculum, teacher Linton Soares has started following the “ShareLife ” curriculum, something he developed with the help of ShareLife and the Office of Stewardship of the Toronto archdiocese , to make learning more hands-on through guest presentations and field trips to different centres with service opportunities. ShareLife is the charitable fund-raising arm of the archdiocese.

Archbishop's dinner to aid youth ministry

{mosimage}Ottawa will host its first annual Archbishop’s Charity Dinner Oct. 28 with proceeds going to support youth ministry.

Jules Dagenais, director of Stewardship and Planned Giving of the Ottawa archdiocese , said the dinner supports something that Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J., considers vital to church community growth.