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{mosimage}BURNABY, B.C. - Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, coadjutor bishop for the archdiocese of Vancouver, met with young adults at the newly opened Interfaith Centre of Simon Fraser University on Jan. 23 where he urged students to defend the faith.

Discussing the future of campus chaplaincies


{mosimage}OTTAWA - Some 35 students from universities across Ontario gathered in Ottawa for the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association regional conference, held Jan. 25-27 at Saint Paul University.

Every day is Family Day


I couldn’t help but stare in disbelief at the front cover of a major newspaper last semester. A cartoon depicted a same-sex couple gawking at a young couple walking with their child. From the mouths of the same-sex couple was a speech bubble with the bold word “FREAKS!”

Prayer is our common language


{mosimage}Editor's Note: This is a runner-up essay winner in the Friars’ Student Writing Award. Margaret Suen is a Grade 12 student at  St. Joseph Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School. The Register will publish all six winning essays.

In our society today, we see many Christians around us, be they Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant. But in the end, we all believe in the same God and share a common prayer. Prayer is the single driving force that will bring all Christians together in unity. It rises above all differences, gathers us together and allows God to accomplish things for us on Earth.


Far from home, close to God


Coming from a society where we live with our parents till the day we wed, I never had to worry about paying the bills or making sure that the pantry was well-stocked. Those were the concerns of “grown-ups” while all I had to do was pay attention in school and stay out of trouble. For 19 years, I lived in an environment where “things just got done” for me. However, two years ago, I left Singapore to further my education at Simon Fraser University. This is where the real adventure in life began.

Creative ministry ignites a ‘Revolution’


{mosimage}CALGARY - Youth ministries across southern Calgary are teaming up for a series of monthly theme nights called Revolution. 

God in the bedroom


{mosimage}HALIFAX - Newlyweds Vincent and Vanessa Chevrier are big supporters of natural family planning (NFP) and give talks for marriage preparation courses. They teach other couples about the method while explaining its use within their marriage.

Christians must offer hope to others


Editor's Note: This is a runner-up essay winner in the Friars’ Student Writing Award. Jennifer Beggs is a Grade 12 student at Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School. Over the coming weeks we will publish all six winning essays.

{mosimage}As Christians we have a duty. It is our responsibility, not only to live in peace and follow the Word of God, but to reach out and offer hope to others. We must put aside our differences and prejudgments, and lead by example. When we follow God’s lessons and teachings, it reflects in our actions and people notice the positive message we portray. Our ability to fulfill this duty lies in unity.


Steubenville Atlantic kicks off


{mosimage}HALIFAX - On Jan. 19 more than 300 people came out to the Saint Mary’s University theatre in Halifax for the Steubenville Atlantic High School Conference pre-launch party for a night of praise and worship music, speakers and testimonies.

A common purpose in Jesus


Editor's Note: this is the second place winner of the Friars’ Student Writing Award sponsored by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement and The Catholic Register. Nicole Fernandes is a Grade 11 student at St. Joseph’s Morrow Park Catholic Secondary School in Toronto.

{mosimage}Christian unity is far more than just the unity of Christians in the same belief, doctrine or principle. It is the unity of all Christians under the fellowship of Christ in whom we are all one. I believe that Catholic and Orthodox churches should come together and pray without ceasing because the power of prayer is massive and Jesus asked God to keep us united. I believe that by doing that we can achieve Christian unity and help change the world.

Opening the door to religious diversity


{mosimage}TORONTO - A school visit to three places of worship is not an average field trip, but this is exactly what 50 Canadian Catholic schools have experienced since 2001.

The field trip is offered by the Canadian Centre for Diversity, a privately funded organization that began from a small experimental initiative six years ago.