Youth Speak News

MOOSE JAW, Sask. - A group of citizens from Moose Jaw is hard at work building a unique project at Vanier Collegiate, Moose Jaw’s only Catholic  high school. An outdoor stopping station labyrinth, a pathway that one follows while reflecting and stopping for prayer, is halfway through its construction phase.

Prodigal Son returns

The balcony of the Catholic Church in Sainte-Anne, a small, semi-French-speaking town in Manitoba, is where I sat with a handful of Catholic teens on Sundays growing up. While our parents usually sat downstairs, we were removed from the congregation, not held to pay too much attention during Mass. Often, Sunday mornings spent on that balcony was the only church connection young people had.

GTA students to get Holocaust lesson


TORONTO - There aren’t many Holocaust survivors left, but Catholic schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area are making sure as many of their students as possible have the chance to meet people who lived through the genocide.

Quebec conundrum

Being a Catholic in Quebec is definitely not easy, but being a young Catholic in Quebec is even harder — or at least that’s how it seems. As a young practising Catholic, I can honestly say that I’ve struggled to maintain my faith.

Pro-life students fight for free speech


TORONTO - Pro-life groups on university and college campuses in Canada are struggling to gain official club status.

Real world rebel

Last year I decided to leave my Catholic high school for a public school to take advanced placement courses. I figured academically a public school could open more doors for me than my little Catholic school. The only reason I attended St. Thomas Aquinas high school in North Vancouver was for the religion.