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VANCOUVER - A team of local missionaries is hoping to spend less time fundraising and more time in the field thanks to funding they’ll receive from the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Speaking Out: What I learned from Genesis


This year, I decided to read the Bible all the way through, starting at the book of Genesis.

Toronto students connect with old Church in Europe


Jacob Boodoo hadn’t set foot on a plane since he was two years old so boarding a flight to Europe during March break was already an adventure for the 16-year-old.

Speaking Out: Do smartphones have a place in class?

Whether it’s online shopping, banking or even dating, it’s as if we can live our lives entirely online. This is why the news about the banning of cellphones in all classes across Ontario next school year came as a surprise to me. The exceptions to the ban are when they are used as part of a teacher’s lesson, or for students with medical or special needs.

Toronto Catholic school board launches new interfaith youth alliance

Sixteen-year-old Mariam Khoshaba is determined to see a future of world religions united in purpose — even if it’s one name tag at a time.

Friars' Writing Contest: Students speak out on healing broken world


The entrants in the annual Friars’ Student Writing Contest did not make it easy on judges from The Catholic Register

The contest drew many quality essays on the question referring to Deuteronomy 16:18-30: How can Catholics and Christians of all denominations unite to create a more just society and be examples of Christ’s healing grace in a broken world?

Last week we published the winning entry from Lucas Georgey of St. Michael’s Choir School. This week, we feature the second and third place winners — Vincent Pham from Chaminade College School and Nathan Nambiar from St. Francis Xavier Secondary School. Pham has earned the second-place prize of an iPad while Nambiar is awarded a Google Home smart speaker.

Calgary fosters culture of life at TOB conference


Calgary’s first Theology of the Body conference was Bishop William McGrattan’s vision in action. 

Speaking Out: My weekend in a monastery


This was one February reading week that certainly won’t be forgotten.

Dating with holy intention: Youth share their stories on matching faith life and love life


When 20-year-old Ruth Savidge meets a guy, several questions run through her mind before she even begins to consider dating him.

Winnipeg recruits Catholic creatives for evangelization


A new movement is beginning at the Archdiocese of Winnipeg and it’s looking for young creatives to take up this project with them. 

Speaking Out: Lessons from Catholic media


Recent revelations that Fr. Thomas Rosica admitted to committing plagiarism came as a surprise to me, having over the years read a number of his books and articles.