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The quarantine measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 have ground the National Campus Life Network’s (NCLN) face-to-face activism to a halt, but not its voice.

Speaking Out: Doing the right thing for God and country


Our lives have changed drastically in the past month. In late February, we received ashes to mark the beginning of another Lenten season; now, we are deprived of visiting Church for Holy Week.

Youth looking to faith to cope with pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing Catholic youth around the world to cope with Mass cancellations, isolation and increasing fear. Yet even in this darkness, their faith is lighting the way. 

Speaking Out: Making the most of each day


“You better not have any excuses for being bored.”

That was always my parents’ warning at the start of every summer as we had books, board games, bikes and other various activities to enjoy. What they really meant was for us to “take advantage of the situation and appreciate the present as much as possible because there might be something in the future that will make this a fond memory.”

Feeding the faith online


Young Catholics wishing to enrich their relationship with God during the COVID-19 pandemic should have no problem discovering that there is a slew of quality online resources at their disposal — and more options are materializing by the day. 

Speaking Out: Love and trust in the ‘new normal’


These are stressful times. Hospitals are full, shops shut down, schools closed and Masses suspended indefinitely. All around the world, we’re urged to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 by practising social distancing and self-isolation.

Teen emerges as voice for climate change action


Making an impact in the world doesn’t have to be an accomplishment reserved for the later years of life. At 16, Haana Edenshaw has already made considerable strides towards raising environmental awareness and protecting her land.

Speaking Out: Making the time for youth ministry


A year ago, I decided to take on a position at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica in Toronto as a part-time sacristan. I knew this role would present new priorities, but while on the job I aimed to maintain my involvement in youth ministry at my home parish, Vietnamese Martyrs, to the best of my abilities. At that time, I was a Grade 12 student, completing high school.

Rally challenges youth to make the most of risk


For Christy Dupuis, Catholic speaker and mother extraordinaire, the Lift Jesus Higher Rally was an opportunity for young people to do just that — go a little higher.

Speaking Out: Confession has no room for fear


“Just as an artist, using his brush as an instrument, paints a beautiful picture, so God through the sacraments draws His own image on the soul of man.”

Friars’ writing contest brings out students’ best

By Catholic Register Staff

For Evelia Raphael, the subject matter of the annual Friars’ Student Writing Contest in The Catholic Register hit real close to home.