Those in authority can't live 'double life', must lead by example, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – On Sunday Pope Francis offered some punchy advice to both average faithful and people in positions of authority, saying true power is expressed through service and a good example, which Christians must always show to others in humility.

Cremation must show 'fitting respect'

My dear friends,

It is never easy to discuss funeral and burial arrangements with loved ones. Yet as Catholics, it is important that we learn and appreciate how our legacy of faith can be embraced in every moment of our journey, even in death.  

In the Eucharist we receive the grace to love, Pope says

VATICAN CITY – On Sunday Pope Francis reflected on Jesus’ command to love God above all things, and your neighbor as yourself, saying that it is in the Eucharist that we receive the grace to carry this out.

Greatest commandment must be lived

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Oct. 29 (Year A) Exodus 22:21-27; Psalm 18; 1 Thessalonians 1:5c-10; Matthew 22:34-40

Facebook chatbot lets you talk to the Pope

VATICAN – An initiative from the Vatican this month is inviting people to virtually connect with Pope Francis and learn more about Church missions and how to support them.

Holy Land Christians must work together, Pope tells Greek Orthodox Patriarch

VATICAN – As minorities living in a troubled land, Christians in the Holy Land must forgive each other for past mistakes and work together for the future of their communities, Pope Francis told the Greek Orthodox patriarch of Jerusalem.

Pope Francis shares special message to Canadian youth

Pope Francis shared a message to Canada's youth during the Young People, Faith and Discernment Forum 2017, a televised event on Salt and Light TV on Oct. 22 in preparation for the October 2018 Synod of Bishops on Youth. 

Being Christian means being missionary, Pope says

VATICAN – Catholics must make a real effort to share the Gospel with all people, fighting "the recurring temptation" that leads some to focus only on internal church matters or to be pessimistic about evangelization efforts, Pope Francis wrote.

Pope's pro-life challenge: Respect all life, oppose death penalty

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis' recent statement that the death penalty is incompatible with the Gospel focused less on a government's role in protecting its people and more on the need to defend the sacredness and dignity of every human life.

Faith brings hope even at moment of death, pope says

VATICAN CITY – Christians can find hope even at the hour of death, which faith teaches is not a closed door but a wide-open passage to a new life with Christ, Pope Francis said.

Death penalty is 'contrary to the Gospel,' Pope says

The death penalty, no matter how it is carried out, "is, in itself, contrary to the Gospel," Pope Francis said.