When it comes to supporting mental health on campus, King’s University College has plenty of new tricks up its sleeve — from yoga to meditation headbands.

Campion stays true to its Jesuit roots

REGINA – As Canada’s only Jesuit undergraduate college turns 100, it will begin its second century by walking in the footsteps of the first Jesuit Pope.

Aboriginal advisor a first for university

It didn’t take long for Patrick Small Legs-Nagge to pick up on the culture of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, N.S.

“One of the first things I noticed in my first week is how inclusive this campus is,” said Small Legs-Nagge, who last month began his new job as special advisor to the president on aboriginal affairs.

My second chance with Fr. Sean

There is something magical, even powerful, about a second chance.

In the fall of 1986, I wasn’t looking for a second chance to get to know Fr. Sean O’Sullivan. I simply missed the third day of classes in my first year at Ryerson Journalism because I unwisely scheduled the second of my bi-annual visits to my asthma specialist, Dr. John Toogood (yes he was too good), in London, Ont.

Prayer and work: Benedictine monk creates sculptures depicting Christ's life

MISSION, B.C. – The 93-year-old hands of Fr. Dunstan Massey are carefully filling in the imperfections of what will soon be his newest art piece at Westminster Abbey in Mission.

Sweet sounds among the scaffolds: Opera singer rehearses in church under renovation

The sweet soprano sounds that echoed from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Toronto could have come from a Mass at the Vatican.

Youtube priest spreads Gospel message

VANCOUVER – Another young priest is spreading the Gospel on YouTube.

Syrian priest builds new life away from war zone

EDMONTON – Fr. Issa Maamar knows how it feels to sing the Ave Maria in Damascus while rockets are blowing up your children’s schools and your hometown.

Sistine Choir strikes right chord in Canada

The papacy has been a major patron of music for more than 1,500 years, inviting master musicians to compose masterpieces for its liturgical celebrations. Now for first time it has taken its act to Canada.

Once abandoned himself, Kenyan man now cares for thousands of children


WASHINGTON – Charles Mully has had an incredible life story. And he's not finished yet.

The Kenyan-born Mully, 68, was abandoned by his family when he was 6 years old. For a decade, he scratched out a living for himself. At age 16, he encountered Christ in a personal way and later became a successful businessman, but he ditched it all to establish the Mully Children's Family, a home to shelter kids who had been abandoned like he once had been.

Deacons stay true to vision


When 33 men took the bold step in 1972 to prepare for ordination into the permanent diaconate for the Catholic Church in Canada, they were preparing themselves for ministering to their communities.