Peter Stockland: Standing up for life a risky business

The Sunday New York Times full front-page listing of 1,000 names from among the nearly 100,000 who’ve died of COVID-19 was a bold, imaginative, powerful journalistic gesture.

    Harry McAvoy: Prayers are like ‘cash in the pocket’

    COVID-19 threw an interesting twist into a recent visit with the memory specialist. I was advised by e-mail my appointment would be conducted via video e-consult. I looked at the Bride and wondered, “What is e-consult?” The next morning we were staring into our laptop where the specialist appeared. 

      Readers Speak Out: May 31, 2020

      Smear campaign

      Re: Don’t Judge Pius XII yet, expert warns (May 10):

      If ever there was a smear campaign, the one against Pope Pius XII is one for the history books. Having studied his pontificate, I am convinced that the campaign against him has done considerable damage against a man who was acclaimed in the late 1940s-early ’50s by so many Jews, including the Jewish State of Israel, as a hero for all he did during the Second World War.

      Editorial: Fairness counts

      As the world begins to stir from its pandemic hibernation, governments face the important question of how to accommodate houses of worship. At least, we hope they realize the question is important.

        Charles Lewis: Looking to faith on the road of suffering

        I am aware I write a lot about my pain. There is a good reason. Pain, specifically spinal pain, has been the dominant force in my life for nine years. It is what I wake up to every morning, it is what I carry around during the day and it is the last thing I feel before falling asleep … and it is what wakes me up through the night when pain is more acute.

          Francis Campbell: Heartache and pity for Nova Scotians

          April, according to T.S. Eliot, is the cruellest month.

            Luke Stocking: Pandemic reflections on the Incarnation

            At a time when mother nature has “sent us to our rooms” (as one viral post put it), the digital world has opened its arms wide to embrace us. It is a reality that I have been reflecting on during this pandemic.

              Readers Speak Out: May 24, 2020

              Needs of faithful

              Re: Cautious approach to re-open churches (May 10):

              I am very surprised that Canada’s bishops are reluctant to press our government to ease restrictions on churches. 

              Editorial: A map for the ages

              We tend to think of the planet as a patchwork of nations and continents, but it is really a single tapestry in which everything and everyone is intertwined. The COVID-19 pandemic is tragic evidence of that, but the new coronavirus only illuminates a lesson taught to us already.

                Glen Argan: Pandemic should give us food for thought

                In Alberta, the province where I live, those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are workers in meat processing plants.

                  Bob Brehl: Back-to-the-future pandemic activities

                  While in a bulk food store recently, complying with social distancing rules, I was led around by an employee whose job was to scoop out items I wanted and bag them.