Editorial: Canada's sad euthanasia anniversary

One year, perhaps 2,000 deaths and several unresolved issues.

Comment: It’s time to tell our side of euthanasia story

A few weeks ago the Sunday New York Times Magazine ran a lengthy feature about a Vancouver Island man who had chosen to die by euthanasia. John Shields, a former priest who later married, was suffering from a rare disease that caused proteins to build up in his heart and painful nerve damage in his arms and legs, the Times story said.

Comment: Chris fought the good fight, leaving behind a life lesson

It’s been one year since terminally ill Canadians have been legally free to choose medical intervention to end their lives. In that time, some 1,400 people have chosen assisted suicide.

Editorial: Bishop Michael Power is a model of hope

The Church, like the world, needs heroes. We call them saints, people of heroic virtue who walk humbly and faithfully in the footsteps of Jesus.

Comment: When good fortune smiles, sharing follows

One Saturday night years ago, my mother won a trip to Monaco and the French Riviera in a raffle. The next morning, I remember her putting more money in the collection plate than usual.

Comment: On the contrary … adoption is a pro-life issue

In the May 21 issue of The Catholic Register Peter Stockland wrote a sincere Comment piece about the need for renewal within organizations. I agree with him on this point.

Comment: There is still only one answer to tragedies like Manchester

As I write this, I’m fixated on a photo of eight-year-old Saffie Rose, the youngest victim of the Manchester bombing. Her picture is part of a newspaper photo array of the young victims of that awful night.

Comment: Catholic influence on Canadian political horizon

Allowing for caveats, Canada could find itself with a trinity of powerful Catholic leaders in coming months.

Comment: Mothers have a special place in world of priestly vocation

In Toronto the priestly ordinations usually have a maternal character. The customary date is in May, Mary’s month, and usually falls the day before Mother’s Day, which is not a religious feast day, but certainly can be looked upon with the eyes of faith.

Comment: Nun’s murder filled with unsettling twists in new Netflix series

As a fan of murder mysteries, I was drawn to a new Netflix series entitled The Keepers, a true-crime story about the murder of a popular young nun who was a high school teacher in Baltimore.