Charles Lewis: Jesus’ followers need to change culture around us

Around Christmas we often hear about the miracle of God coming to us as a baby. To think of God, the being who is being itself, of whom nothing that exists is higher, made Himself vulnerable and poor. Many scholars think He was born in a cave. It must have been cold as hell.

Glen Argan: In troubled times, Jesus is way to new life

The day of reckoning is upon us; how can we respond?

Readers Speak Out: December 26, 2021

Another story

Re: Catholic media must do better on Indigenous file (Dec. 2):

Fr. Raymond de Souza argues convincingly that relying on mainstream media for accurate reporting “is a mistake.” Last May it described the discovery of Indigenous children’s remains at the Kamloops Residential School as a “mass grave.” The terminology was provocative and misleading, suggesting murders with bodies thrown into mass graves. 

Editorial: Our hopes for 2022

It is with some relief that we can soon put 2021 in the proverbial rear-view mirror.

Fr. Raymond de Souza: A great blessing in a historic church

The topic of residential schools dominated this column in 2021, and too often that story is written as if Catholics and Indigenous peoples are two distinct parties, perhaps opposing or even hostile.

Sr. Helena Burns: So, what was your Epiphany?

The Christmas season has so many wonderful feast days along the way, not least of which is Epiphany, the commemoration of the Magi’s visit to the Christ Child.

Peter Stockland: Love will always prove necessary

Some will sniff that a hierarchical Church is hardly an institution to concern itself with authoritarian politics.

Francis Campbell: Halifax diocese writes its own Nativity narrative

It’s coming on Christmas and the Halifax-Yarmouth archdiocese is writing its own inspirational story of Bethlehem.

Leah Perrault: There’s something at work in the waiting

For the first holiday outing in our new city, we headed out for the tree lighting in the town square. (It felt very Stars Hallow, for the Gilmore Girls fans, with lots of twinkly lights and a mayor’s words and Santa arriving by fire truck with all the usual characters.) After a line for sleigh rides, a queue for hot chocolate and another turn to take to see Santa, my little girl exclaimed loudly that “Mostly tonight, we were waiting in line!”

Editorial: A Saviour is born

There is a magic about a Christmas morning that never ceases to amaze.

Charles Lewis: Christ: the greatest gift we’ll ever receive

At the risk of being sentimental I want to talk about the greatest gift we receive at Christmas. That gift is Christ … and our faith in Him.