Readers Speak Out: February 16, 2020

Plain wrong

Regarding the government’s consultations on euthanasia, it is obvious that the justice department is making a pretence of listening to input from Canadians, as happened when euthanasia was legalized in 2016.

Editorial: Law goes to pot

When Ottawa legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, Canada’s bishops were dubious about claims the new law would sharply reduce youth pot consumption or eliminate the black market.

  • By Catholic Register Editorial

    Cathy Majtenyi: Time to stand up for the gift of life

    It’s an impossibly tight deadline that the Trudeau government has deliberately created, but one we must respond to with great urgency. 

    • By Cathy Majtenyi

      Fr. Raymond de Souza: A remarkable journey from slave to saint

      We celebrate this week — Feb. 8 — the feast day of one of the most remarkable saints of recent times, the slave girl who became a beloved religious mother. St. Josephine Bakhita was born 150 years ago (the date is uncertain, perhaps 1869 or 1870) but is a saint for today’s world of Islamist persecution and human trafficking.

      • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

        Peter Stockland: Don’t lose sight of ‘bigger picture’

        It’s true there’s a challenge, to say the least, in seeing the “bigger picture” when the picture’s focus is life and death itself.

        • By Peter Stockland

          Readers Speak Out: February 9, 2020

          War-free world

          Re: Victims of madness (Jan. 19):

          Editorial: Peace plan fizzles

          Returning from a recent visit to the Holy Land, Winnipeg Archbishop Richard Gagnon compared the Palestinian territory of Gaza to a prison.

          • By Catholic Register Editorial

            Charles Lewis: One film, two popes, many opinions

            We Catholics are at times indifferent about those things that should deeply concern us but obsessed by those things that should be water off our backs. 

            • By Charles Lewis

              Francis Campbell: A history brewed in faith and fortitude

              The old teapot is steeped in history, fortitude and faith. If it could talk, whistle or chatter, what a tale this 200-year-old china cauldron might tell.

              • By Francis Campbell

                Luke Stocking: Prayer has no limits

                The phrase “thoughts and prayers” has become so common it has its own Wikipedia page. The page outlines in detail the use of the expression by prominent public figures in times of crisis — most notably following natural disasters or American gun violence — and also offers both a criticism and defence of this practice. 

                • By Luke Stocking

                  Robert Kinghorn: It’s all about the ‘to’ and ‘why’

                  I was driving to Nova Scotia with my wife Ria several years ago when we stopped at a garden centre. Since I cannot tell a weed from a wallflower, I hung out in the knickknack section where people can find garden signs that say things like, “I don’t remember planting this.”

                  • By Robert Kinghorn